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Bill Pay FAQ

image At Cable TV of East Alabama we are committed to serving our community. We want to go the extra mile for our customers and we are excited to announce our online account management tool that includes online bill pay as well as many other features. This convenient new tool offers our customers the ability to do business with us on your own time. We hope you find it useful.


What do I need to register?

You will need your full 16-digit account number, located on your cable bill. You will also need your home phone number to verify your identity.


Why do you need my email?

By providing us with your email, we will be able to communicate your online activity with us. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purposes.


Is there a fee for this service?

There are no fees associated with this service. There is no sign up fee or usage fees. This service is completely free.


What payment options are provided?

You can setup a payment using Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. You can also make a payment through your bank’s checking or savings account. You can choose to make either a one-time payment or set up a recurring monthly payment. You may also choose to have your statement come directly to you online instead of through the mail.


Do I need any special software?

You do not need any special software. However, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or Netscape 7.2 or lower are the only internet browsers we currently support.

Pay My Bill

Channel Guide

02 WGN
03 GA Public TV
04 WRBL 3 (CBS)
05 TV Guide
06 Alabama News
08 WLTZ 38 (NBC)
09 AL Public TV
10 WTVM 9 (ABC)
11 WXTX 54 (FOX)
12 QVC
13 FOX Sports Network
16 ESPN Classic
17 Sportsouth
18 Outdoor Channel
19 Versus (VS)
20 Golf Channel
21 TBS
22 Turner Classic Movies
23 FX
24 TNT
25 A&E
26 Lifetime
27 USA Network
28 AMC
29 Headline News
30 Weather Radar
31 Weather Channel
32 Fox News Channel
33 CNN
37 GAC
38 CMT
39 Food Network
40 Travel
41 History Channel
42 Discovery Channel
43 TLC
44 Animal Planet
45 Disney Channel
46 ABC Family
47 Nickelodeon
48 TV Land
49 Cartoon Network
50 E! Entertainment
51 Comedy Chanel
53 Hallmark
54 ION
55 Nation Geography
56 MTV
57 SyFi Channel
58 Tru TV
59 BET
60 VH1
61 Spike TV
63 Troy University
64 Disney Jr
65 Cspan 2
66 Halogen
67/96 Trinity Broadcast
68/98 Inspiration
69/99 C-Span
76 HSN
95 Kissin 99.3
164 ME TV
165 Bounce
166 Sprout
167 This TV
168 Chiller
169 FBN (FOX Business)
170 IFC (Indep Film)
171 WE
172 LMN
173 CLOO
174 Hallmark Movies
175 FOX Movies
176 Style
177 You Too
178 BBC America
179 Fit TV
180 G4 181 Bloomberg
182 Halogen
183 H2
184 Biography
185 RFD TV
186 Gospel Music
187 Disney XD
188 GSN (GameShow)
189 Discovery Kids
190 Science Channel
191 Green Planet
192 Investigation Discovery
193 OWN-E
194 Military Channel
195 Nick Jr
196 Teen Nick
197 Nicktoons
198 Church Channel
199 EWTN
200 Fox Sports World
201 Speed
202 ESPN News
204 Fox Sports Atlanta
205 Fox Sports Central
206 Fox Sports Pacific
207 Fuel
208 NFL
209 NFL Redzone
310 Encore
311 Encore Western
312 Encore Love
313 Encore Suspense
314 Encore Drama
315 Encore Action
316 Encore Family
320 Starz
321 Starz Edge
322 Starz In Black
323 Starz Cinema
324 Starz Kids & Fam.
330 HBO
331 HBO2
332 HBO Signature
333 HBO Family
335 HBO Comedy
336 HBO Zone
340 Cinemax
341 More Max
342 Action Max
343 Thriller Max
345 Movie Channel
346 Movie Chn XTRA
347 Sundance
350 Showtime
351 Showtime 2
352 Showcase
353 Showtime Extreme
354 Showtime Next
355 Showtime Family
356 Showtime Woman
357 Flix E
650 CMT Pure Country
651 Centric
652 VH1 Classic Rock
653 VH1 Soul
654 MTV Hits
655 MTV3
656 FUSE
657 MTV2
658 MTV Jams
500 WRBL 3(CBS)
501 WTVM 9 (ABC)
502 WLTZ 38 (NBC)
503 QVC
504 WXTX 54 (FOX)
505 CW
506 TNT
507 TCM
508 ESPN
509 ESPN 2
510 SPEED (subscribe)
511 Outdorr ESPN 2
516 STARZ (subscribe)
517 Travel 2
518 True TV
519 TBS
520 Velocity
521 A&E
522 UHI
523 National Geographic
525 USA
527 TOON
528 SyFy
529 FX
530 HGTV
531 FOOD
536 Headline News
537 CNN
538 CNBC
800 PPV
801 PPV
802 PPV
803 PPV
804 PPV
805 PPV
806 PPV
809 EPPV1
810 EPPV2
811 EPPV3
812 EPPV4
813 EPPV5
814 EPPV6
844 HCD

Digital Video Recorder


A Digital Video recorder (DVR) offers you a whole new way to watch TV, by giving you the convenience and control to watch your favorite shows according to your schedule. With a DVR, your TV world revolves around you; not the other way around. Plus, you'll never have to miss the critical play of the big game or the ending of your favorite show. Just pause, rewind, and replay. It is that simple. And you will never have to wonder 'what did he say'?.

The CTVEA DVR Advantage

With CTVEA DVR, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on new equipment to watch television the way you want. There's no equipment to purchase! CTVEA Digital customers can lease a dual-tuner DVR for an additional $9.95 a month. Plus the variety of simple recording options from single shows to entire seasons means you won't ever have to worry about missing that must-see episode or big game.

  • Record your favorite shows - choose one episode or an entire season, record two shows at the same time, build a library of recorded shows - all without videotapes or a VCR.
  • Watch recorded shows whenever you want - you can even view one show while recording another.
  • Pause live TV - or fast-forward and rewind programming, so you can create your own instant replays.
  • Protect your family with Parental Controls - you decide and control what's being recorded.
  • No expensive equipment to buy - DVR is already built in when you choose the option of a Digital DVR-enabled set-top box.
  • Unlike satellite, there's no extra equipment to buy.

dot   ** Digital Cable required for this service.

You have to see it to believe it. And when you do, it will forever change the way you use and watch TV. With the ability to do everything from pausing live TV to recording one channel while you watch another, you'll have the awesome power of CTVEA DVR at your very fingertips. CTVEA DVR now lets you watch more of the programming you love without the burden of inconvenient time slots or distractions around the house.

High Definition Television


You Don’t Watch It – You Experience It.

CTVEA's High-Definition service is the easiest solution for getting the most out of your new HDTV
You'll be blown away by the theater-like picture and sound that only HD can offer.

HDTV (High-Definition TV) offers you the following benefits:
  • Five times sharper picture than standard TV broadcasts
  • Enhanced color resolution
  • Widescreen format
  • Crystal-clear picture
  • Dolby 5.1 digital sound
  • Theater wide-screen formats (16:9 aspect ratio) provides more picture
  • With your HD-DVR, you can record your favorite HDTV shows and then watch them in HD anytime you want!

Hundreds of hours of HD every day
  • Enjoy local programing on broadcast networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS.*
  • Cable networks including ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, Discovery's HD Theater and more. More HD programming coming soon!

Without a doubt, your TV viewing experience will never ever be the same again.

In order to take advantage of our HD offerings, YOU need Three Things:

1. An HDTV
2. An HD set-top box or cable card, and component cables
3. HD programming Our HD boxes are easy and convenient to install. Also, there is no equipment to buy.

With twice the color resolution and approximately six times the sharpness of standard-definition programming, you will feel like being part of the action with HD.

Our variety of HD programming is even wider than your HD screen. From movies to concerts to sports, you can get it all. We are adding new channels and may even have your local networks in HD. Most of our HD programming is broadcast with Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, so you can get the complete movie theater experience ?without the hefty box office price.

Did You Know?

A satellite receiver can cost over $300, and today's dish is tomorrow's trash! With CTVEA HDTV, there's no risk of owning obsolete equipment, because there's no expensive equipment to buy.

If you're a current CTVEA Digital customer all you need is your high-definition television and CTVEA digital converter box. Call your CTVEA representative for more information.

hd channels

Music Channels

music channels
902 Beautiful Instrumentals
903 Lite Classical
904 Jazz Vocal
905 Hottest Hits
906 Modern Country
907 Alternative
908 Adult Contemp
909 Christian
910 R-N-R Oldies
911 Classic Rock
912 Urban Beat
913 Coffee House
914 Dance
915 Subterranean
916 Album Rock
917 Hard Rock
918 80s Hits
919 70s Hits
920 Classic R & B
921 Traditional Country
922 Soft Hits
923 Retro Disco
924 Groove Lounge
925 Big Band Swing
926 Smooth Jazz
927 New Age
928 Symphonic
929 Great Standards
930 Golden Oldies
931 Reggae
932 Children's
933 Urban Adult
934 Rap
935 Jazz Vocal
936 Blues
937 Gospel
938 Holidays


image Getting your message out to approximately 20,000 homes and businesses is as easy as a phone call to CTVEA. Channel 7 advertising is inexpensive, effective and responsive. Contact our advertising representatives for rates. Additionally, price breaks are available for not-for-profit organizations, classified advertisers and new businesses.

Advertising with CTVEA gets noticed. Displays are professionally created to suit the advertiser´s needs and taste.The computer-based composition software allows the use of logos, photographs and custom backgrounds and graphics, making each advertisement stand out. CTVEA's experienced sales representatives are available to personally consult with advertisers and offer advice on composition and scheduling. Advertising on CTVEA Channel 7 adds up to results for businesses and organizations of any size.

Target Messages Where You Want Them

Reach Potential Customers

dot    Cable television reaches people who spend more time watching television.
dot    Demographics show cable TV viewers have more discretionary income.
dot    Cable TV provides programming you can't find on local broadcast stations.
dot    Cable TV advertising reaches people broadcast television under delivers.